David’s approach to commissioned works of art is perhaps different from other artists. The aim is to make a modest living out of creating works of art and so he charges in the same way as any other contracted artisan.Before starting, David will discuss the subject in detail with the client. Drawings and/or digital photographs are made if appropriate. Sittings will normally be required for portraits.

A canvas typically will take five to ten days, depending on the size of the work and the complexity of the subject matter. These days are spread over a period of weeks to allow an element of drying of the paint surface.

Finishing the picture is very important. a good frame should enhance the work and reflect the surroundings. David likes to advise on suitable framing and he will happily arrange for high quality frame manufacture at trade prices. Prices start at £1500 with a typical fee of £2000-£2500 for a work 70×50 cms (unframed)

253 Virginia and India 50x60



Pencil or Ink Wash
Prices from £250 mounted and
framed in ash


You may want a fine classically sculpted fountain for the garden, a bust of a child or a modern welded centerpiece for the new headquarters building.After the initial discussion to establish the brief David Porteous-Butler produces drawings. Were the work to be situated within a landscape a site visit would be desirable, although photographs could suffice.

If the client is keen to proceed, a finished set of drawings and a maquette, if appropriate, is made. The sculpture is then produced and the finished work installed. When cast bronze is used, the client can approve the finished work before the casting is commenced. David Porteous-Butler’s sculpting career embraces many disciplines. Works include portrait and figure work in cast, stone and welded pieces.



Prices for signed limited editions from £195 framed, £120 unframed.Please email and browse the ‘Portraits’ section of the gallery.